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August 27, 2010 / fenshar

Ecology for conservation outcomes


Our group fosters ecological research directed towards conservation and management of natural ecosystems. The group operates mostly through cooperation between the Ecology Centre (University of Queensland) and the Queensland Herbarium in DES (Department of Environment and Science) but is open to collaboration with anyone. We focus on applied ecology that can be used to direct resource management policy and action. However, we are also tantalised by the natural world and encourage research driven by curiosity. Our interest and passion was recently showcased in an episode of ‘Gardening Australia’ (look for ’19/03/2016: My Garden Path: Dr. Rod Fensham’ in the list of video)

There are many exciting projects compatible with the broad agenda of the group and top-up funding, including travel grants are available for committed students.

The work of the research group’s members has been instrumental in a range of real conservation and management outcomes including:

  • Science and policy underpinning land clearing legislation  in Queensland
  • Establishing and implementing the CATER (Carbon Accumulation Through Ecosystem Recovery) project 
  • Threatened species and community recovery including rescuing the red-finned blue-eye (Australia’s most threatened) fish from extinction
  • Selecting conservation reserves
  • Implementing actions for preserving spring wetlands